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Hilton Nagoya

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Total No. of Guest Rooms 460
Location Nagoya city
Acreage (*1) 6,723.59 sqm
Total Floor Space (*2) 46,368.99 sqm
Structures and Stories S・SRC・RC/29 stories above ground with 3 stories below ground
Building Completion Feb. 1989
Lessee Nagoya Hilton., Ltd.
Hotel Operator Hilton International Company
Official Website Hilton Nagoya
(*1) The land comprises the owned land and land with superficies. The acreage is the total of land owned and land settled superficies by JHR.
(*2) The building is under compartmentalized ownership. The total floor space is the total of exclusive area of the hotel and retail space, space equivalent to JHR’s co-ownership interest in the exclusive area of office on 9th floor, and exclusive area of office on 10th floor on the certified copy of the real estate registry.

Hotel Summary

●Hilton Nagoya is located in the center of the Fushimi area, one of leading integrated business districts in Nagoya City. The area is very convenient for both business and sightseeing.
●All guest rooms are high spec and comfortable, with the size of 30㎡ or more. The hotel also has banquet rooms, meeting rooms, a wedding hall, a fitness gym, and other various facilities.
●The hotel, crowned with a valuable Hilton brand in Nagoya City, has a strong appeal to middle-to-high class foreigners.

Press Releases

September 1, 2016
Notice Concerning Completion of Asset Acquisition(“Hilton Nagoya”) PDF(PDF: 116KB)
July 7, 2016
Notice Concerning Acquisition and Lease of New Assets (HOTEL VISTA GRANDE OSAKA, Hilton Nagoya and HOTEL ASCENT FUKUOKA) PDF(PDF: 2.9MB)