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Hotel Nikko Alivila

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  • Hotel Nikko Alivila1
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Total No. of Guest Rooms 397
Location Nakagami-gun
Acreage (*1) 65,850.05 sqm
Total Floor Space (*2) 38,024.98 sqm
Structures and Stories SRC/10 stories above ground with 1 story below ground
Building Completion Apr. 1994
Lessee Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd.
Hotel Operator Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
Official Website Hotel Nikko Alivila
(*1) The land comprises land owned, leased, or subleased by JHR. The acreage is the sum total of the area on the certified copy of the real estate registry of each land. The acreage includes some areas that are not leased or subleased by JHR.
(*2) The total floor space of the building includes an accessory building of 120.10 sqm, but excludes a leased building of 493.50 sqm.

Hotel Summary

●Hotel Nikko Alivila is located in Yomitan village in the center of Okinawa main island and blessed with abundant nature. The hotel boasts Nirai Beach in front of the hotel, which is famous for its crystal clear water in Okinawa.
●The design of the hotel is based on an exotic Spanish colonial style. Guests will feel welcomed by spacious guest rooms, all in size of 43㎡ or more, and various restaurants.
●The hotel offers various marine sports at Nirai Beach in the intact nature. Guests can also enjoy various views of the sea due to its ebb and flow.